Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Advertising on SnowbirdParadise.com

1. All contact information you provide will be removed from public domain upon contacting us the unit is no longer is for sale or whenever the advertisement has expired. All ads and images placed with our website become the property of SnowbirdParadise.com and may, from time to time, be used as examples to potential advertisers but only when your contact information has been completely removed.

2. SnowbirdParadise.com reserves the right to discontinue any advertisement, but only with cause, at any time without refund of monies paid. If this action becomes necessary SnowbirdParadise.com will notify the advertiser using his/her last known email at least 48 hours prior to removal. If said advertiser can remedy the infraction SnowbirdParadise.com will continue the ad, if not it will be removed. For the purpose of this condition of advertising, Cause is defined as but not limited to: information with an ad that is knowingly wrong or deceptive; using our ad system to project an item for rent which you have no intention of renting to gain a contact which you then try to rent another unit (bait & switch); refuse or discourage a potential renter because of race, religion or ethnic background; if your contact information is no longer correct and/or we receive 3 or more complaints that you have not responded to a contact request; etc.

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3.  No obscene, vulgar, or otherwise offensive text or photos will be permitted at any time. The submission of such material will be grounds for automatic removal of the ad without refund.

4.  It is the responsibility of every advertiser to notify us of their decision to discontinue the rental of their home/unit. Advertisers failing to do so have no recourse toward SnowbirdParadise.com for any inconvenience their ad may cause as it remains active within our system. This includes but is not limited to emails and phone calls from potential renters. SnowbirdParadise.com, if notified by 3 or more potential renters of their inability to make contact with a you or that you have told them the home/unit is no longer for rent, may suspend the advertisement pending contact to verify the home’s/unit’s rental status.

5.  Any information shared with SnowbirdParadise.com that is not to become public knowledge through advertisements placed on the website (such as personal home addresses, unlisted phone numbers, etc.) will not be divulge to any third parties (please read our privacy statement).

6.  We reserve the right to add, edit or delete any and all terms and conditions at any time without notice.

7.  When paying by credit card, it is understood charges will be reflected on your credit card statement as from Awesome Web Site Marketing (our primary company).

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